Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sexiest Blogger (Offline Adventures 2005 Awards)

Sorry this is a few hours late... so many choices!

Unfortunately, I couldn't even bring myself to consider BigTanky or LorenzoBenzo, two incredibly sexy bloggers, as they've barely been blogging lately. At the very least had they kept up their Buzznet accounts they could have qualified for sexiest Buzznetter. Maybe next year?

This year's Offine Adventures award for Sexiest Blogger goes to a woman who manages to post like crazy, post passionately, and post insatiably. Her site boasts very few pictures, and while she writes infrequently about sex, each post oozes sensuality, even when she's writing about the war in Iraq. I know she'll hate this description, but I picture her as the sort of woman you'd fall in love with while trapped together in a foxhole, still looking amazing with her face smeared with dirt and spent gunpowder - of course, her gun would be bigger than yours, and she'd have a higher death toll. Ironically, this blogger's URL is, so I don't think she'll be enlisting any time soon.

RadioHumper is the recipient of the TonyP for Sexiest Blogger of 2005.

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