Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The N word

Again, I'd like to bring up the focus at Reverse Vampyr's blog about the cartoons of Muhammad causing protests, rioting, and deaths in Europe and the Middle East.

I think that it goes without saying that the violent reaction is simply inexcusable.

However, the American perspective on this is a bit wrong - the usual argument is that you don't see Christians reacting this way to art such as "Piss Christ", or Jews over holocaust denials.

As a result, many bloggers are posting the offending cartoons on their sites in defiance. I completely understand.

Now, if you really want to draw a comparison, try this:

Post photos of black leaders and celebrities on your blogs, in our newspapers and magazine, and on TV, and under their faces place the label: NIGGER.

Then wait for the reaction.

I'd defend this as free speech. I'd also argue it as irresponsible. But I doubt these same bloggers would rush to the defense of the actions.