Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Valentines Week I was, of course, back at the flower shop. Nothing terribly exciting to speak of. It was the same old same old delivering flowers, which in L.A. means 10% driving, 85% finding parking, and 5% loading the van and actually handing off the flowers. Which meant by the end of the week I was happy to be riding the bus again, although with no job there is no place to take the bus to.

Then it was back to the job search. All leads dried up fast. I know its desperate when I start looking at pyramid sales schemes and scratching my head.

Of course, the reality is that I should note this all as a reminder of why I moved to Los Angeles ten years ago in the first place... and why was that? Damn... I barely remember. Something about making movies...

Alas, on the same day I dredged out my Social Security Card to copy to send as part of a job application, I ran across a long lost copy of a short story I've been wanting to adapt for years now. And while on the bus, coming home for the flower shop, I came up with the first new idea for a film that has excited me in a long time.

So, I'll state it right here: tomorrow I get off my ass and start writing again. Update in the next blog