Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dear Mac lovers...

For those of you who missed my last short film, "Choke", because it wasn't available for viewing on Quicktime, I bring good news:

I'm also currently editing together my newest short, "Magic Wand", which I shot until the wee hours last night. It was almost a disaster - the actor I had lined up for the main role failed to show up, even after I'd postponed shooting on Thursday night with just a few hours notice to accomodate a meeting he had pop up. I had pretty much resigned myself to playing the part myself - not ideal since I'm not an actor, and I don't smoke, a trait that I'd written into the role that I didn't want to change. Surprisingly, the immensely talented Tyler Tanner was available and showed up one hour after the call (he's an even better actor than reviewer). Tyler, unfortunately, quit smoking a couple years back. Unfortunate for him, that is - I had him puff down nearly an entire box of Camels by the end of the night. Shooting went over schedule by only two hours, but his performance made it well worth it. You can judge for yourself on Monday when I'll post the rough cut.