Saturday, September 25, 2004

Filmmaking, Voting, Jobs, etc.

Oh, crap. Tony Pierce just gave me an honorary link in a recent post, so I'd best update...

Last weekend was spent shooting my first project for Group 101 Films. Our theme was "First Time", and I elected to do a "how to" guide for voters, and was able to even get someone else to write it for me. I took a monologue, broke it up into paragraphs and lines, and cast more than a dozen people to read assorted lines. Its an often used technique, and I know I'm not breaking any ground, but its the first project I've directed since high school... which hasn't stopped me from putting my heart into it, I'm just not letting myself freak over having something perfect. The writing is awesome, and I had some great people reading to the camera. Now its in the hands of my editor. I'm also recruiting my friend Kari to do the score, and a good score can usually make anything look good.

I have a whole pallette of other other ideas for my next film, and I may move ahead with one idea regardless of the theme we're given at our meeting. This is largely because there's a good chance I'll be hired to tour manage a marketing event that starts in mid-October and ends the first week of November. I hate the idea of missing Halloween, and the election, and rushing a production, but my bank account is getting low, and the job actually sounds pretty cool. I know I said that about my last hell job, but for this one I'm the only guy on the road, we're going from college campus to campus, and its a promotion for a men's magazine featuring assorted A and B list comedians in concert.

The other bummer with the job is that I won't be able to work as pollworker for the Nov. 2 election as planned. I'd called a few weeks ago, and received my confirmation materials in the mail yesterday, and it looks like they need a lot of help. Sitting at the polls means no TV, no internet, and no political conversation, but it also would mean a chance to really contribute to the democratic process. On a lesser note, it also pays. Somewhere around $75 and $100. If anyone reading this wants to join in, call: 800-815-2666, ext. 7. Poll Workers show people how to use the new, chad-less "dots" voting
system, or check people in, or make sure people are getting into the right lines, and handing out those "I Voted" stickers.

In spite of the 89degree weather, I need to get out of here. My apartment has a nice, cool, cross breeze, but our house cleaner has just arrived. My dad just sent me an awesome digital camera that he upgraded from, so I'm going to tool around Hollywood Blvd. and take some shots.

suggested browsing: cinematograhy reel of Carlis W. Johnson, who did a kick ass job shooting my film... Anti just bought a six foot long bong... after Group 101, I may have to join Instafilms and make a movie in less than 48 hours.