Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated.

Welcome to the new template. Instead of posting, I've been working on this. My extended absence, combined with the content of my last post may have given the false impression that I was giving this up completely. My apologies for any tears wept.

To update...

My first Group 101 meeting went well. About 65 people showed up, and I was grouped with about 12 other folks from the Hollywood area. It seems I'm the only one without a camera or editing equipment. Instead of intimidating me, this inspired me - they have even LESS of an excuse to make films than I do. In other words, perhaps I'm less of a slacker than I thought.

Every group chose a name, based on a film character. I suggested "Tyler Durden", but was told it sounded too intimidating. We settled on "Bueller?", with the question mark.

The assignment for the first month is "First Time", and it needs to be under three minutes. It took me a few days, but I finally settled on doing an instructional/informational video for first time voters. It will be poignant and funny. However, I have no idea what the script will be. I asked one of my favorite bloggers for help, and said blogger has agreed to give it a shot, but I won't name names until things come to light. I plan on shooting whatever I do sometime next week.

In exchange for a promised camera loan, I made a movie poster and a DVD cover for my friend Tami who just submitted her short film "My Best Roommate" for Sundance consideration.

Until then, I have my hands full this week as my dad and stepmom are visiting. Claire and I picked them up from LAX today and started their week off with margaritas at my most unfavorite place, El Coyote. Afterwards we took them and our swimtrunks to their hotel, the very shee-shee Renaissance, where we enjoyed the rooftop pool. Its just a few blocks from our apartment, so Claire plans on spending the week there - at the pool, while Judy, my stepmom, works at the EMT instructors meeting thingee she's here for, while I get to be a tourist with my Dad around L.A.

Tomorrow we'll begin by a drive to Simi Valley and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and tomb. If I have time, I want to grab a John Kerry t-shirt to wear there. For shits and giggles.

(suggested blog reading: Nickerblog has a great post on getting revenge... or not.)