Wednesday, March 23, 2005

FDA fends off Killer Hospital Beds!!!

While my mom was in a Toledo hospital a couple years ago before she died, my brother, sisters and I were comforted by the fact that her bed was marked with a sticker that certified it Y2K compliant.

What concerned us was that not every bed we saw had a similar safety sticker.

We were tempted to report to authorities... but figured that anyone lucky enough to have a family member killed by a non-Y2K compliant hospital bed would have a much more interesting, much funnier story to tell than the one about our mom dying of lung cancer.

And you laugh:

From CNN...

FDA orders killer hospital beds to be seized
Warns: Vail Products' beds have trapped, killed patients

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, citing a public health risk, said Tuesday it ordered the seizure of enclosed hospital beds made by Vail Products Inc.

The FDA said it was aware of 30 people who became trapped in the beds, seven of whom died.

Officials at Toledo, Ohio-based Vail Products could not be immediately reached for comment. The company's Web site says the beds, used for clinical and home care, allow "the patient to move about freely within a safe, padded environment."

The site makes no mention of Tuesday's seizure.

See that? Also from Toledo.