Friday, May 13, 2005

Oh, the drama!

Welcome to all you tabloid whores who have found my blog via Shane Nickersons "Nickerblog". For my loyal readers, Shane is one of the most awesome bloggers out there, usually writing about his childhood in Londonderry, New Hampshire, and about trying to make it in Hollywood as an actor. Through a strange twist of fate, he became a story editor and producer for some MTV shows, and is can now be seen on the racks of your news stands, accused of being Cameron Diaz's new lover. No kidding. Poor guy is now being hounded by the National Enquirer... I think he's the most disappointed that its not true... second most disappointed being Shane's wife.

In other news, the king of blogging, Tony Pierce, has been layed off by E! Entertainment. I offered him a gig working for me on the shoemobile... instead, he's broken down and is now soliciting for BlogAds on his site. I'm in the camp that the layoff is the best thing that could happen to Tony Pierce, and will likely result in a better position somewhere, perhaps as a paid writer. Heck, now that Shane Nickerson is becoming a big celebrity, maybe he can hire Tony to be a writer on his next series...

In a seeming trend among bloggers, one of my other favorite posters, the Stupid Evil Bastard, has also been out of work for some time. On the other hand, the Holden Caulfied of bloggerdom, Simpleton, has been posting like crazy, in spite of an overloaded work schedule.

Future Angeleno Lorenzo Benzo has some of the best excuses for NOT blogging, including relearning to walk and being personally offered an internship by budding filmmaker Steven Spielberg. If she weren't so damned gorgeous I'd hate her... but if she doesn't post an update soon my opinion may change.

And just for sticking with me, in spite of no return love, I owe a couple mentions to Jack & Bobby fan The Ridor and bad ass filmmaker/rocker Jason Vertucio.