Friday, July 22, 2005

The end of Halloween as we know it?

Ever since I was a kid I remember Halloween having a creep factor that was perhaps subconciously brought on by the fact that it got so much darker suddenly before the holiday. And, indeed, besides shorter days and longer shadows that always creep upon us between the summer and winter solstices, there was the manmade Daylight Savings Time to thank for that, where the clocks would make it darker one hour earlier beginning the last Sunday of October.

Now some pansies in our government want to extend Daylight Savings Time and wait a full week, after Halloween, before we get the extra hour of darkness in our evenings.

I'm sure today's soccer moms will be happy that their kids can safely trick or treat even longer in broad daylight so as not to be scared on the only day invented where you're supposed to be scared... but what they don't know is that this means the boogeyman gets to sleep in an extra hour before terrorizing the kiddies... - Lawmakers move to extend daylight-saving time - Jul 22, 2005