Thursday, July 14, 2005

Offline Adventures run amok!

The irony of this blog's title hasn't escaped me - that most of what I post on here is about stuff happening ONLINE, other bloggers, and news commentary.

So, I've meaning to change this, and to post more. Much more. And to post more about actual offline adventures.

To start, I've posted some pics I took Wednesday on the red carpet of the 2005 ESPN Espy Awards. My brother will kick my ass for not knowing the names of most of the people in the pics there.

Who most people won't know, but should, are two of the guys prominent in a lot of photos: Steve Levy, host of ESPN's Sports Center, and Michael Kennedy, currently floor announcer for the Sacramento Kings. Both of these guys were hosting the red carpet for the fans in the bleachers.

My gig here was "red carpet production manager", a cake walk since both Steve and Mike are pros way beyond needing my supervision, and the rest of my small crew had worked on this with me for the past few years, so everyone was dialed in. I kicked back, took some photos, and wonder sometimes why I'm paid for my job.

Oh - and you'll see the pics begin on the homepage of the new More changes in days to come.