Thursday, January 26, 2006

In Defense of Tom Cruise...

I'm currently working on a couple different posts to debut at, considering I've officially been a writer there for three days but have yet to post a thing. But, with a readership in the thousands, I feel a little more pressure to make sure the info is a. interesting and b. grammatically profound.

Not that I don't respect this small crowd here... although this post won't be indicative of that.

Film gossip site JoBlo's Movie Emporium has a pretty solid defense of Tom Cruise, and why you should forgive him. Well, maybe "solid" is a little extreme of a word, but for a guy named JoBlo its as good as its gonna get.

Here's some snippets:

We forgave Hugh Grant for getting a hummer from a hooker quicker than we've forgiven Tom. And we forgave Meg Ryan and Brad Pitt for cheating on their spouses. Why can't we get past Tom's bad summer?

He's 43 years old and he's sleeping with one of the most beautiful women in the world who happens to only be 24. If I were sleeping with Katie Holmes, I too would dance on the couches of every talk show host I could find.

And don't say you don't like the guy's movies. Of the roughly 25 movies he's been in, he pulls in an average of $101.5 million per picture. That puts him number 2 all time behind Harrison Ford for actors with more than 20 films to their resume. And Tom doesn't have the Star Wars movies to boost his numbers.

At the end of the piece, Jo Blo wonders why everyone thinks Tom Cruise is gay. And he's right, why should it matter? But, between friends and all... c'mon... dude dumped Nicole Kidman and at one time wanted to be a priest...

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