Sunday, January 01, 2006

The John Hinckley Jr/George Bush Connection

Some interesting items I'm surprised liberal conspiracists haven't been blogging about, especially in light John Hinckley Jr.'s recently relaxed prison terms (allowing for overnight visits with his parents)...

-Hinckley is the son of a mighty Texas oilman who was a top backer of George H.W. Bush's first bid for the presidency. Hinckley's brother Scott actually had dinner plans with Neil Bush (the career-criminal son of Bush Sr. and brother of George W.) in Denver the night after Reagan was shot.

-The would-be assassin and George W. Bush were even neighbors in Lubbock, Texas.

-George W. had run a failed race for Lubbock's congressional seat in 1978... Ronald Reagan endorsed young Bush's opponent -- Texas state Sen. Kent Hance, who was a Democrat at the time. Hance dismissed George W. as a rich-kid Yalie pretending to be a Texan, and it worked.

-The Bush and Hinckley... families are actually related: Both clans descended from Thomas Hinckley, who died in Massachusetts in 1706 and was governor of Plymouth Colony from 1658 to 1681.

-Reagan smashed Bush in the early primaries and seized the GOP nomination. Along the campaign trail, the personable and idealistic Reagan developed an intense hatred of George H.W. Bush, the cold-blooded Yankee CIA boss who made a fortune on the Texas oilfields. With behind-the-scenes maneuvering by Texas & Middle East oilmen and the intelligence agency elite in Northern Virginia, Bush Sr. seized the vice-presidential slot even though he claimed not to want it.

On March 30, 1981 Hinckley shot and wounded President Reagan in a failed assassination attempt that most people believe was an effort to gain the attention and love of Jodie Foster. Now just waiting for Oliver Stone to read the above and come to a different conclusion: the Bush family hired or manipulated Hinckley to do it out of revenge...

source: Sploid!