Friday, February 03, 2006

LA Voice looking for writers

After posting news that had recruited a handful of new writers, Mack Reed at the LA Voice encouraged anyone wanting to post at his blog to give him a shout. Mack's a power house blogger, and if he were posting a handful of different nicknames he could fool anyone into believing his roster was larger than than of's. But I think the guy deserves a break and some well earned attention, so I'll repeat his call:

If you'd like to be part of LA's second greatest community blog, check out LA Voice. You can submit news/opinions/rants/etc. at any time (which are posted pending Mack's approval), or email Mack directly if you'd like to be considered as a "topic voice" focusing on angle of L.A. culture or news in particular, or as a "featured voice."

In the meantime, I recently made my first rash of posts for - to keep up, check out the site periodically, or click here to see what I've been whining about.