Tuesday, August 24, 2004

My lazy ass is getting bed sores.

I have some new excuses.

For one, the program I use to compose posts, wbloggar, somehow became corrupted and my epic X Games wrap up was lost. So, just forget I ever said anything about it.

Secondly, to be honest, I'm bored of this blog. Just writing my random day to day stuff is occasionally fun, but I really find no joy in making myself write. My favorite posts have been writing about what others have written and my love of this new medium, but my enjoyment of being a passive reader far outweighs the satisfaction so far in doing it myself.

Sure, I could make it easy on myself and just rant about all my pet peeves, but I'd like to keep it positive around here. I could write my deepest fantasies and darkest thoughts, but that would be better reserved for a secret blog. I could just recount my past adventures in Hollywood and beyond... but, I feel then like I'm bragging and a bit of a dick.

Some inspiration comes when I think of developing a themed blog. I almost started one on the election called "Cock Fight", and even what I think is a pretty cool template for it, but put all of my efforts into the Edge of Allegiance blog instead. Besides, every other blog out there is already saying what I'd say about my disdain for Bush and even larger frustration with unfair reporting and political spin. Alas, I contemplate even a short term blog about and leading up to Halloween, my favorite holiday.

And then I realize that this blog is a good way to keep my five loyal readers abreast of what I'm up to. And some upcoming activities may keep this afloat...

For one, I'm supposed to start my first meeting next Sunday with Group 101 Films, which is sort of an AA for procrastinating wanna be filmmakers. A few hundred people get divided up into teams of ten each, and you're responsible for meeting with the team once a month to show them you've made a new short film. One short a month for six months, based on a theme some mentors give to you at the previous meeting. They offer nothing else but the feeling of "accountability"... so, I'm already calling my filmmaker friends warning them I'll be cashing in favors soon.

And, of course, I plan on finding a way of making at least one short about blogging...

Now, excuse me while I try and find more excuses not to write.