Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A quick post from X Games

Love the job, but the hours suck. Showed up at 6:45am, via the subway and a transfer to rollerblades, and now at 10pm I'm hoping I can get some answers to some questions before we open tomorrow, so I can get a few hours rest.

My gig on this is some sort of event producer title, which is a hefty inflated coordinator position but with a really, really long leash. I'm overseeing the festival element called X Fest, with a vendor village, interactive skate park, and music stage. All sorts of stuff happening in between, like autograph signings with pro boarders, bladers, BMXers, etc., and a "learn to DJ" clinic, so anyone can walk up and learn how to scratch and play to a crowd. I'm here to make sure it all works, hire a few people to man some of the areas and train them on what to do, interface with the competition announcers, on site radio station, folks working the jumbotron graphics, and anyone else I can tell to promote the area or any "exciting" developments. More stuff later...