Friday, July 30, 2004

Best Blog Post of the Month

Tyranny recently posted an entry in his blog that may have had my eyes watering from laughing so hard as his were from experiencing the ordeal he writes about.

In summary:

You know what’s crazy about a challenge involving the consumption of food? It’s actually a very revealing statement about the society we live in. When, in the history of society, have we had enough resources to take perfectly good food, render it so fucking spicy that it becomes, in effect, inedible, and present it to people in hopes that they CANNOT eat it, and then have those people pay for the experience of being put into a state of utter physical distress? Not since the golden days of the Roman Empire and it’s week-long orgies of alcohol, food, and anal sex have we as human beings lived in a time of such plenty...

Last week, there was some talk around the office about "The Hottest Wings In Toronto." Apparently, this place called Duff's in the north-east end of town has these retarded hot wings. Now my taste for insanely hot food, combined with my loud and obnoxious mouth, led me to call my boss and two supervisors AND the I.T. guy "pussies".

Wrong move. We go tonight. There are 100 Cash Bucks that sez your humble narrator cannot eat 10 of them.

I called the restaurant. Told 'em the deal. The guy on the phone laughed when I said 1o wings. Apparently, the scoville units of these wings are 500000. From what I understand, this means essentially inedible.

Click on the pic below to go to his blog and read how it went...

Tyranny vs. the Chicken Wings