Monday, November 08, 2004

Ask your doctor about Asstoids

My second Group101Films project is complete, and in spite of the subject matter, I'm tremendously proud of the result.

"Asstoids", a fake commercial, was not only directed and shot by me, but also edited by me... the first project I've ever edited, outside of the 'ol VHS to VHS deck technique I used in high school. And I'd never touched the program, Adobe Premiere Pro, until a little less than 24 hours ago.

Writing credits go to Shannon Hilary for the product idea, me for the commercial concept, and to the actors, Scott Khouri and James Tuttle, who improvised all their dialogue. Music is an edited version of "A Little Champagne" by Kari Newhouse. And special thanks, and possibly a producer credit, goes to my girl Claire Dunlap who helped cast and light, and also provided catering.

Watch "Asstoids" by clicking here.
(or right click and choose "Save As" to download to your hard drive.

Warning: video contains grown gay men kissing. (and by grown, I mean adult)

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