Sunday, November 28, 2004

It is shockingly late...

Especially considering that I'm three hours ahead, and I've got to wake up in about 3 1/2 hours.

Forced insomnia is my travel M.O. (modus operandi, for the lay folk); I deprive myself to sleep the nights before coast to coast flights, so that I'm able to sleep through the ride. This also seems to make the jet lag and time adjustment much easier, in some twisted way. Fortunately, I have no plans for Monday, so I'll likely go home and nap all day, then all thru the night, and wake up Tuesday morning at whatever time I want to reset my internal clock at.

Then, I'm back to the job hunt, and more importantly, should start working on the script for my ambitious Group 101 Films effort for the month of December. This time, I'm hoping to adapt a short story called "The Hunt" by largely unknown horror writer Richard Laymon. I'll post a rough script here, hopefully, in a few days. The hard part here is that most of the shoot takes place at night, in the woods, and without ambient light, meaning I need to rent lights to replicate moonlight, and figure out a way to shoot stuff so that it is convincingly pitch dark, but that the audience can see the action. Digital video is especially difficult to do this with. I also have a scene taking place up in a tree, which will be another potential expense, because I'll need either build a small set piece to give the illusion of our heroine up in the tree, while we're shooting just a few feet from the ground, or we'll need to risk life and limb and have a crew climb the tree, since the logistics and costs of using cranes, scissor lifts, and cherry pickers are way beyond my reach.

Anyway, when I post the script I'll likely also solicit donations, in exchange for producer credits. Yeah, I'm not counting on this working out. But if Tony Pierce can raise enough money to buy an iPod in a few short days, why can't I solicit for enough cash to maybe just pay to feed my crew peanut butter and jelly?

In the next couple days, I'll update with some pictures of my trip, as well as a hot new holiday template for the blog!

Speaking of Tony Pierce, the man just selfpublished his newest "blook", a collection of his postings called "How To Blog"... take a gander at another Atlanta blogger Miranda... my friend Zameer has been blogging from India throughout his nearly yearlong student visit...