Monday, November 22, 2004

Pre-T Day update.

I'm not the only one slacking on the blog upkeep. Katzinjammer's gone almost three weeks since his last post, when he promised to put up a video he'd made later that evening. Benzo last wrote that she was able to get around a bit more over two months ago, so we can only hope she's too busy having fun to write. Simpleton leaves a new line once a week, but always on the depressing end.

In the meantime, Ken Cowan, who'd disappeared for a few months, is posting regularly, and my old friend Kevin, who still refuses to converse with me, has a cool new blog up.

As for me, I have no excuse. Most of my time lately has been spent putting together my annual Christmas mix. This year's is called "Santa's Secret Stash" and the tracks can be viewed at Art of the Mix.

After my last post, however, I did end up working a few days on a couple different jobs. The first was as event staff on a wine tasting, food sampling event held at Paramount Studios as a benefit for Make A Wish. While it sucked being the low man on the totem pole, I got to eat an insane amount of great food, the crew I worked with was a bunch of awesome guys in the same boat as I'm in, and, more importantly, I was indeed working.

Then, more or less out of the blue, I was asked to work as a stand in on a popular TV series (not INSANELY popular, but huge for the network its been on for nearly a decade). I'd asked one of my neighbor's if she knew how I could find work as an extra, and a few weeks later she said one of the guys where she works needs some time off to work on a feature film, and said she suggested I could fill in from time to time. So, for a couple days last week I worked both as a stand in AND as an extra (or as they like to call them, "atmosphere"). Claire is somewhat bitter because after I work a third day on the show I become eligible to join the Actors Guild, which takes most actors a few years to do... and I have zero interest in acting.

And, finally, I shot my third Group 101 project on Saturday. This one I co-directed with another guy from my group, and this one is pretty experimental, shot on a consumer grade camcorder, with a storyline we came up with less than an hour before we began shooting. Both of us will edit the footage on our own, and I'll post both online for my five faithful readers to take the Pepsi challenge. The movie is about a killer bag. Yeah.

In a few hours, after I shower, sleep, and finish packing, Claire and I head out for a week in Toledo with my Dad and Judy and the rest of my wacky family. Pictures may be posted.