Thursday, December 29, 2005

Coming Soon...

I know, I know... I owe you my final "award"... the Blogger Full Monty Line-Up. All I can say is, seemed like a fun idea at the time. But considering nobody has been asking about this, maybe if I just let it go noone will notice.

Did want to point out that my tiny experiment was a mild success - I had quadruple the traffic last week. Not sure if this was due to multiple postings on a daily basis, teasing it all by announcing the lineup a few days in advance, or that by giving out awards the winners were apt to link back to me, or a combination of all that. Regardless, I'm going to see if I can extend this experiment by giving all of January a theme.

January will be devoted to posts on how to break into the film industry, with some focus on becoming a director. While I can't speak from expertise on how get the brass ring of a studio deal or a million dollars to make your feature film, I think I can at least offer some degree of insight and tips. More importantly, I do think I can at least offer some solid ideas on how to get your foot in the door and start making connections.

While I've been thinking about writing about all this for some time now, I have to give credit to this post by the BankofKev for getting me more focused on the topic. My first post will address Kev's in more detail. In short, I think Kev's dismissal of the internet as a forum for new directors to be discovered as not only pointless, but wrong. More on this coming Monday.

Of course, I know the bulk of my readers are already in Hollywood with some degree of success, or have no interest whatsoever. So, I encourage any of the former to pipe in with suggestions and corrections. And for everyone else I'll still be posting whatever else I think about. However, if you've stumbled across this blog and you are one of the few who are hoping to make it the entertainment industry, drop me a line, email me for advice, and also feel free to give me suggestions or corrections.

For a kick start, I'd like to give a bonus TonyP to Pennsylvania filmmaker/musician JayV, a longtime loyal commenter who I've failed to show much love. He gets the "Most Neglected Blogger" award. He's one of the most supportive commenter/bloggers out there, so pay him a visit and give him a hello.