Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Before anyone starts thinking that I'm PLANNING on dying, I thought I'd offer this post to state that death is far from my mind. Besides, what is there to prepare for, really?

I've discovered that my secret to staying happy is always having some sort of plans on the horizon - anything to look forward to. For the past few years it was the release of the Lord of the Rings trilogy... now that that's over I need to start making my own plans.

This year there's the X Games. Its work, but I like to think of it as fun, to be involved in a huge project that has such a tremendous turn out. But after my wrap day of August 9th, what next? I get the feeling that my last job experience may not result in more work - such an awkward position for both sides. So, I need to start looking again... maybe it'll take another 50 resumes before I get the interview...

So, I thought I'd present a couple different ideas that occasionally cross my mind, and get some feedback from my ten loyal readers with a poll.

Option #1: Join the National Guard
This is my secret fantasy. Four months of training, one weekend a month, two weeks a year. God knows I have the time. I love disasters, and it seems thats when the Guard is always called up. Instead of watching disaster coverage on TV, I can be in the field taking care of it. Ironically, the last reason on my mind to join would be for the combat and war experience... but it isn't an idea I shy from. And, bottom line, the experiences would likely make for some great offline adventures.

Option #2: Make a goddamned short film already
I've been in Los Angeles now for almost eleven years and have yet to direct a short film or write a screenplay. What's my problem? I don't have a shortage of ideas or resources... really, I have no excuse. Its all about getting off my ass and putting out the effort.

Option #3: Apply for the DGA trainee program
Huh, what the hell is that? Its the Directors Guild's program that trains you to be a professional assistant director, or A.D. for short. The A.D. is essentially the sargeant on any film set who yells alot to make sure the shooting process is moving smoothly. They're also largely responsible for scheduling the film. I've done this before as a non-professional and not only enjoyed it, but thought I did a good job. The program starts you off as a Second Second Assistant Director (in Canada and Europe they call it the Third Assistant Director), and after working a number of films and graduating from the program you'll eventually become the Second Assistant Director, and after another lengthy process, and earn enough union hours, can become a First A.D. You gain a lot of experience, knowledge, and contacts through the process... and the typical dream for any A.D. is to become a production manager or line producer, another job I've also held before, but not for a major feature film.

Option #4: Quit Los Angeles altogether and move back to Toledo or Connecticut and get a lame job
This is my red herring of the bunch, but thought I'd toss it in the mix anyway.

Option #5: Keep on slacking, its the American way
Plans? I don't need to stinking plans! I'll just continue to see what comes my way...