Thursday, June 24, 2004

Is the grass always greener?

I should write about how annoying my Disneyland trip was today, but I'd just come across as either jaded or spoiled, since Claire and I have the annual pass thing, and we have or don't have jobs that mean we get lots of days off...

Alas, there seems to be drama in the world... and every other blog. So my mediocre whining about having my toes run over all day long by strollers is meaningless in comparison.

Instead, I'll steer you once again to the blogs that make for great reads, due to the detriment of the poor bloggers who open their lives for all to read...

Tony Pierce hasn't gotten laid in two and half weeks. What's to complain? I went almost two years once (I've since been to church to thank God for inventing porn).

Anti is having issues with his father - nothing new, but he's having even bigger issues in the most recent post... I commented that I have similar feelings for my ex-step-father, even though mine didn't use my social security number to commit identity theft and ruin his credit:

i'm still his "son" (notice the quote marks on that little bitch of a word), so why would he hang me out to dry??? that he allegedy "needs" his family at this, this time of urgency in his life... (he)allegedly finds out how to fix things with me (although he knew how the whole time).... what a human turd.
my dad had his last chance to see me a few years ago, and he WILL die without me ever saying good bye or any of that shit, and that's fine with me.
i said good bye a long time ago.

Katzinjammer, recently moved to South Dakota (a few miles from nowhere), is having a perpetual midlife crisis:

The other night someone had asked me if i was alright. I avoided the answer, claiming that i had the liquor speaking for me. But the above sentitments were the buzzing, stinging thoughts, and most times, especially now, i'm just lonely... I'm scared because i'm not getting any younger and my life is still a disaster... I'm shamed by every bit of help i receive to help solve problems i should be more than capable of solving on my own.

And not to pander, but I cheer myself up when I think similar things by realizing that I have people to lean on - and if it takes having to ask for help once in a while to realize this, so be it.

On a lighter note, Shane Nickerson at Nickerblog is upset that Dunkin' Donuts outright denied him the opportunity to open a franchise here in Southern California. I'd post some quotes or a picture, but you need to read his full post to fully appreciate the situation. Click on this link to read the letter they sent him in reply to his request.

Bunny McIntosh writes: I'm going to start auctioning off everything I own, so buy it, or I'll starve to death.

Not that all is bad in the world. Laurenzo Benzo seems to be doing better, and blogging some more. She enjoyed her sister's summary best:

::raises hand above head:: This is where you started at five years ago. You were like, "Yay, everything's good! Life rocks in a really cool way!" Then you went down to, "Oh, man...Things are getting pretty bad." From there you dropped even further to, "Crap, I'm almost dead." Then finally you were like, "AHHHHHHH, I'm practically six feet under! My life is a fiery train wreck and I'm all burnt and on fire and I don't have anything else to lose!!!!!!!" At that point you were all the way down here. ::motions to the ground::
Now things are like right in the middle. I think they're going to keep rising, higher and higher until you're further up than you were even before you got sick.

As for me, the stars are mostly lined up... maybe not the stars I'd prefer, but who am I to complain? Disneyland today, I'n in Florida for the next two weeks on one job, then back in Los Angeles for a month on another. As far as freelancing goes, this is pretty good. Great actually. But stay tuned - I'm sure I'll bitch on a daily basis through it all.