Monday, June 21, 2004

The Edge of Allegiance

Tomorrow I finally go in for my long delayed tooth extraction. Which is great, since my tooth has been hurting again, bad enough last night to keep me up for hours.

This made me rush to finish my still unfinished web site for the play my girl Claire is producing. You'll see its still a little unfinished. But, for the most part I'm pretty happy with it. The logo and postcard that you see on the main page were designed by Leesa Beck, one of the cast members and producer. Everything is all me with help from Dreamweaver, Image Composer, and Image Ready...

The Edge of Allegiance web site

The show is a musical/comedy/play about Bush and current events. They claim to be unpartisan, but for a radical centrist like me, its pretty damn liberal. Still, the script is very funny, and has some awesomely clever moments. More on this later. For now, enjoy the site, which features my new blog made especially for the show.