Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11... whats that in Celsius?

I'd say I hate getting all political, but the reality is I love being political. The problem is, I always tend to disagree with everyone. And not because I'm a flaming liberal, or even a right wing fanatic, but instead a radical centrist.

I bring this up because I'm getting itchy waiting for the new Michael Moore film, "Fahrenheit 9/11". Indeed, Moore is about as left as you can get, almost goofy. But a genius filmmaker. I loved his last film, "Bowling for Columbine", even though I disagreed with some oh his tactics and views. And as big as a fan I am of his, its hard for me to totally disagree with the view of Aint-It-Cool-News contributor Moriarty who described Michael Moore as "a shameless carnival barker."

Moriarty continued, "He’s a rabble rouser with an agenda and a bullhorn, and even if I think he occasionally has an interesting idea or makes a point with a certain sledgehammer wit, I also think he undermines himself and buries those good ideas under a mountain of self-congratulatory horseshit that keeps me at a distance as a viewer."

I was most offended when Moore turned his Academy Award win for "Bowling for Columbine" into a bleeding heart anti-war, anti-Bush rant that totally alienated any potential new viewers his movie would have gained from the Oscar attention.

Which isn't to say I disagreed with what he had to say. And so I look forward to "9/11".

Ironically, the last film I looked forward to with this much excitement was "The Passion of the Christ" - ironic in that it was the left wingers who were bashing and protesting the film before it came out. To the chagrin of my parents, I don't believe in the fantastical elements of the story of Christ, but I did really enjoy and appreciate the film.

What bothers me most with our current enviornment is that people will judge each other on which of these two films they go to see, "The Passion" or "Fahrenheit." Then again, I've always been a sucker for anything people have wanted to ban.

Now I'm going to browse for some illicit porn.