Thursday, August 25, 2005


or so proclaimed Drudge Report yesterday. As skeptical as I was of the last post, I was even more skeptical of this one.
But there are some nutty protesters out there, and there is the even higher probablity this was/is a hoax - it doesn't seem like it would take a somewhat unheard of news source to break this. And it seems way too convenient for it be, in Drudge's words, a "conservative outlet". Here's the full details according to Drudge:

Wed Aug 2005 24 21:20:05 ET

Anti-war protestors besieged wounded and disabled soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C, a new web report will claim! is planning to run an expose on Thursday featuring interviews with both protestors and veterans, as well as shots of protest signs with slogans like “Maimed for a Lie.”

The conservative outlet will post video evidence of the wounded veterans being taunted by protesters, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Developing late...

UPDATE: Indeed, it appears this is genuine, but not as dramatic as I first imagined it to be. The article from, along with a link to a video report, can be found here.

Protesting outside of a VA Hospital is downright disgusting. If these were veterans themselves leading a protest, I wouldn't have a beef - but then again, I don't think veterans would see the point of protesting to other wounded vets. They know the consequences of war better than anyone else.

But as for the reporting, to say that wounded veterans are being "taunted" is misappropriation of the word. The protestors are being callous and insulting, but there is nothing reported that would verge on being "taunted". In the video report, I don't think you see more than five anti-war protestors at a time - so whether or not this warrants a headline on Drudge is also questionable.

Drudge also tries to exploit another bad situation with the headline, "Seattle Police Look For Suspects Who Beat Iraq War Vets...". Considering its placement alongside the previous mentioned article, a reasonable person would believe the beaten vets were targeted because of their military service, yet the article doesn't infer for a moment that this is the case.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Los Angeles mystery or hoax?

NBC 4 - News - Music Producer Disappears After Bizarre Phone Call

Something about this doesn't seem right.

In abstract: Record producer disappears after calling a friend saying he was being chased behind his Topanga Canyon house. Police say he lost his glasses and shoes in a nearby creek. He recently received a $50,000 check from a shady Nigerian internet offering, got nervous and returned the money.

While its possible he lost his shoes in mud - sucked off, as many people have experienced as kids - it seems much more convenient to lose a trail by dogs, and footprints, if he were to take his shoes off and drop them, head down stream for a while, then put on new shoes and walk off.

And as pointed out by Laurie at LA.comfidential, "How the heck did he get through to anyone on a cell in Topanga Canyon? That man's not a producer, he's a magician."

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hey look ma - ads!

Yep. Offline Adventures is selling out.

As you can see to my left is the first ad I've agreed to posting on this site... in exchange for... a copy of the book!

Yep, I'm cheap.

Actually, what sold me was being contacted by the writer of The Underdog directly along with the content of the book, which appropriately deserves a mention on a site called Offline Adventures.

According to Joshua Davis, "I just wrote a book about how I spent the past two years of my life sumo wrestling, bullfighting, and competitively running backwards. Random House is publishing it and it's given me an opportunity to shine a brighter light on sports that don't get a lot of attention but really should. I'm hoping that it will inspire people to get more involved and your website made me think that maybe you'd be open to helping me spread the message about the book."

While I'm sure he sent this same email out to scores of other fine websites like mine, when I expressed interest he replied in kind that he loved my Worf pics. So, not only do I get a free book that I'd consider buying anyway, I received some flattery.

The site for the book is pretty funny on its own, with listings of all sorts of crazy competitions and activities, from bog snorkeling to pumpkin hurling. Why Josh Davis doesn't have a blog of his own yet amazes me.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Catholic priest defends Marilyn Manson

Irish Examiner >Catholic priest defends Marilyn Manson

Click on headline for link to article.

I've been secretly researching material for my own, supernatural and occult themed podcast, and ran across this bit of news:

Priest Anton Bobas, who claims the best concert he ever attended was seeing Manson live in Germany three years ago, says: "How could Manson turn young people into Satanists and drug addicts in the two hours of his act?"

Bobas, who sings a heavy-metal band of his own called Glasnici Nade (Messengers of Hope), says most of Manson's critics have never heard his songs or even seen him perform.

I'm not the biggest fan of Manson's music, but artistically the man is a genius in the creep out category. And while I agree that a two hour concert isn't going to turn any kid into a Satanist, I wonder if the priest also saw Manson wearing a strap on, and having his band members and fans suck on it, which is what I saw when he opened for Nine Inch Nails years ago? Regardless, Rockin' Priest Bobas is right when he says that most of Manson's critics have based their opinions based only on what they've heard of Manson... but I doubt that doing so would change their mind.

F you!

A couple brain puzzlers found at reader's blogs:

from 12am:

Count every "F" in the following text:


....... 3?

WRONG, THERE ARE 6 -- no joke.
...more here...

And reverse_vampyre provides a link to one surprisingly challenging IQ tingler...

Group 101 Films... year two begins!

Once again, I have joined Group 101 Films. Some people think its crazy to do once, let alone twice. But I've missed it terribly ever since the last wave ended six months ago. It really is my AA to combat procrastination.

In short, joining Group 101 means you're paired with ten or so other filmmakers from your neighborhood, who you meet once a month for six months to show off a short film you've made in the course of the 30 days prior to each meeting. Six months, six shorts. Obviously, the intent here is quantity over quality, but the group mantra is "get off your ass" - Group 101 offer nothing in the way of cameras, equipment, or financing... just a framework in order to motivate you to make something.

This time around my goal is actually to create some quality, narrative driven shorts. I sorta cheated the last time around and made projects that were usually done without a script or more than one actor... I wasn't challenging myself besides learning how to edit. And I definitely wasn't creating stuff that I wanted to show off beyond the Group.

The theme we were given for our first film is "sweat". I never followed the "themes" before, but fortunately, I've had an idea that might fit. Its a concept that I first had almost a decade ago, and I don't know if it remains funny now... so, I'll pitch it here and if it sucks, lemme know:

Its a trailer for Speed 3. Originally, I pictured this being an SNL spoof with Adam Sandler playing Keanu Reeves, and Chris Farley playing, essentially, Sandra Bullock (if thats any idea how old this idea is). The setup is this: a UPS man (the Farley role), is delivering packages when he's confronted by Keanu Reeves, who tells him that the very package that he's about deliver is rigged with a bomb... that will detonate if the UPS guy walks slower than 2.8 miles per hour. Suddenly, every curb, every pedestrian, and every crosswalk becomes a potential catastrophe. Walking in circles stops being an option after he becomes dizzy and nearly pukes. Keanu in the meantime is using rollerblades, skateboards, and wheelchairs to try and keep moving with the UPS guy and detonate the bomb. Lots of quick cuts, snazzy camera work, bad one liners, Hollywood in jokes, and a taught score. Of course, it won't be Sandler or Farley (bastard won't return my calls)... but I'm condident I could find a couple locals summer stock types somewhere in Los Angeles.

Anyway, I have to shoot and edit something within the next four weeks, so if you think that idea blows and have a script or story that can be done on a zero budget, lemme know.

Monday, August 15, 2005

My final entry for the Worf contest... I swear...

The Nickerblog announced that today is the last day to get submissions in for the Worf Photoshop/Coverband contest. Alas, ever the late night procrastinator, I had the need to whip one more out... The Worf Stripes. I've put my modification alongside the actual album cover for the newest White Stripes album, Get Behind Me Satan.

I'm most proud of my inclusion of the female half Klingon/half human replacing Meg White. I think it looks pretty real, although this had more to do with luck than actual "photoshopping skills".

There are some awesome and very funny entries up at the gallery, and its also a good excuse to check out some of Shane Nickerson's writing. Indeed, I'm partly sucking up because he's returned me to his blogroll, but mostly because this PhotoShop contest has provided me with more amusement than almost any other summer activity... tis sad, I know.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Two more entries...

Alas, the contest at the Nickerblog has attracted the attention of the folks at Paramount who handle merchandising for Star Trek, and they've upped the ante by offering some solid prizes for the best Worf coverband album cover...
While I'm most proud of my last submission, I made two more:

to see a photo album of all the contenders, click here.

UPDATE: One more...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Yes, I'm a Star Wars nerd.

Just preordered this:

Whipped Worf & Other Delights

Another entry into the Nickerblog's Worf Cover Band Album Art Contest:

(click to enlarge, you pervert)

And to be honest, I'm not a Star Trek fan nor do I understand Star Trek lexicon... but searching for Klingon translations and other bits is as easy as Googling what George Bush listens to on his iPod.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Make It Equal

You can buy this shirt designed by blogger Carl Tashian who writes: 1902, when the women's suffrage movement was just getting warmed up, the American flag had 45 stars... In protest, the suffragists created their own US flag with only four stars, representing the four states that allowed women to vote... The suffrage flag was my inspiration for a 2004 re-appropriation of the American flag. Unfortunately, three of the four states that were so progressive about women's suffrage in 1902 have state-wide gay marriage bans today... My flag design has only the 6th star, for Massachusetts (the 6th state), the only state which allows gay marriages.

more here.

Klingons With Attitude

Nickerblog has once again added me to his blogroll... alas, in turn I offer this image to his "Worf Coverband PhotoShop Contest":

(and yes, I'm aware that one of those isn't a Klingon)

Monday, August 08, 2005

I'm an architect...

Breaking one of Tony Pierce's rules on "How To Blog", but taking a cue from the Reverse_Vampyr I took the Jung + Enneagram Personality Test and am posting my personality results here...

INTP - "Architect". Greatest precision in thought and language. Can readily discern contradictions and inconsistencies. The world exists primarily to be understood. 3.3% of total population.
Take Free Jung Personality Test
personality tests by

You can also take the test by clicking here... only a 100 so multiple choice questions to take while the boss isn't looking...

Friday, August 05, 2005

Nagasaki and Hiroshima: Terrorism?

I know I risk being labeled the ultimate lefty for posting such thought... but how necessary was the use of atomic weapons at the end of World War II?
How necessary was it to drop TWO bombs?

We'd defeated Germany... and it didn't look like Japan had the upperhand by any means, nor did surrender look far off.

And considering that the intended victims of the atom bombs were civilians, and the purpose was not strategic, but to instill fear... why weren't and aren't these means considered terrorism any less than the attacks of 9/11?

The comments are open for discussion on the matter.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

X Games IX, prep day 2: Photo Gallery!

A bunch of pics taken Monday and Tuesday of the world's greatest skateboarders (Bob Burnquist and Danny Way are in some of these shots) practicing for Sunday's grand event, Skateboard Big Air.

click pic for photo gallery:

Its a more than fifty foot drop to start, and a seventy foot gap between the the jump and landing in the halfpipe. If none of these terms make sense to you, don't worry; I'm talking out of my ass. (spec here)

Pics are low res and unadjusted for brightness, but I think they give a good idea of what's going on. I'll clean up and post a full X Games wrap up sometime next week.