Thursday, September 29, 2005


Yes, I, the Unsomnambulist, have created my first podcast!

Enjoy the suckitude of bad recording and amateur sound mixing as I unleash a mix of songs about witches and witchcraft.

Unsomnambulist Podcast .05: "Witches and Witchcraft"
.mp3, 14mb

And go here for further notes, and to subscribe to the RSS feed for future installments.

(and if you're wondering what a "podcast" is... its simply internet slang for an audio recording made expressly for internet download... a homemade radio show you can download to your computer for listening whenever you want... named "podcast" instead of "broadcast" because these are perfect to toss onto your iPod and listen to at your leisure.)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Worst Halloween Costumes Ever

Ok, so I'm even a failure at the blogging five minutes a day...

In sticking with the Halloween theme, I thought I'd direct you once again to RetroCrush - this time, their list of the worst Halloween costumes ever.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Grave Addiction - Photos of Cemeteries and Haunted Places

Grave Addiction - Photos of Cemeteries and Haunted Places

Since I'm crazy busy, but still want to fulfill Tony's challenge to blog for at least ten minutes a day (I'm committing only to five for a start), all I can offer today is this link to Grave Addiction, a cool personal site with all sorts of true stories of ghosts, ouija boards, and graveyards based in Ohio.

Friday, September 23, 2005

"Guardsmen Sense Ghostly Presence In New Orleans"

CBS 5: Guardsmen Sense Ghostly Presence In New Orleans

Ghosts of Katrina! This was inevitable: stories of hurricane and flood victims coming back to haunt New Orleans. Any where else this would be considered exploitive... but in the Big Easy, this could help with tourism by twisted folks like myself.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I haven't mentioned this yet, but I've been excited for Halloween long before the "back to school" shelves were replaced with assorted trick or treat items and costumes. Actually, I tend to find myself getting all giddy with the holiday as early as spring. I start humming the Disney "Trick Or Treat for Halloween Song"... and as October approaches, I begin singing aloud "Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"... well, aloud in my car with the windows rolled up.

The nice thing about the Group 101 Films thing is that I can celebrate Halloween EVERY month by making a horror short each time. My last project was, in essence, a small pitch for a supernatural based show. My next one I think will be a small mood piece revolving around a Ouija board. I'm trying to think of a simple story revolving around a guy and a gal who are playing with the Ouija. I want some level of eroticism to it - cause there's something sexy about playing Ouija with an unfamiliar member of the opposite sex. The proximity of bodies, hands brushing against each other as they rest on the planchette, and the electrical charge of whatever supernatural charge is in the air.

Anyway, no idea what will happen in terms of plot. I'm sure it ends with some creepy moment. But, if anyone has ideas, especially a story of their own to share, please leave it in the comments. I'm not above plagiarism for these 3 minute shorts... and I may even dish out some screen credit.

More on Halloween in the coming week, including the first installment of my supernatural/occult themed podcast...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pure Marketing Genius

Click here to watch the whole trailer, starring me and Leon.

Everyone involved would pulling this together, from the Flash designer geniuses, to the marketing execs, to the agents who allowed this to happen, deserve some sort of Oscar...

Thanks to Tony Pierce for pointing this out... you can watch him and W in the trailer here.

Monday, September 12, 2005

The Black Brad Pitt Takes on the Demons

WARNING: Video contains adult language.

I'm almost embarassed to say that I only spent 90 minutes editing yesterday's video... and then I spent close to eight on this one.

While shooting "City of Demons", AJ and I ran across an up and coming rapper on Hollywood who was eager to show us his mad skillz. I said as long as it was about ghosts and the supernatural, we might even use it.

Following is the resulting video that'll be stuck in your head for days. I wasn't able to catch the rappers name, but in one of his rhymes he refers to himself as "The Black Brad Pitt." I think you'll agree the resemblance is uncanny.

WARNING: Video contains adult language.

While waiting for the download, go back to AJ's blog to see some nice words he wrote about me and Hustons Pit BBQ.

City of Demons

For my first Group 101 project of the 2005/2006 season I waited till almost 24 hours before the film was due to begin prepping, let alone shooting.

The result is a small "teaser/mini pilot" for a Haunted Hollywood type show - this particular bite sized epidode is called City of Demons. You can click here to give it a peak.

The highlight of the piece, besides my swank new camera, is host AJ Gentile. AJ is a fellow blogger who I first found during the Nickerblog's Worf contest. On AJ's hilarious blog is the hosting reel that I checked out and drove me to reach out through cyberspace and see if he'd want to be a guinea pig for one of my Group 101 projects. I emailed him on Friday, and finally connected yesterday afternoon via. Within an hour I was driving to pick him up and head to Huston's Pit BBQ (covered in my Sept. 24, 2004 post) for lunch and to figure out what the hell we were going to shoot. None of this fazed AJ - I think he might have a side career in porn.

While indulging in pulled pork sandwiches, we worked out a rough outline of what we wanted to shoot, then spent most of the day in traffic. Somehow, I was able to pull enough footage for the video.

Let me know what you think -- I think it makes a good starting point for a few episodes of a paranormal themed show.

"City of Demons"
WMV, 9.8 megs

While you're waiting for the download visit AJ's Piece of the Web, and if you're into this paranormal type stuff check out the site for "Hometown Tales" that features one of the more entertaining podcasts in this dimension.

Friday, September 02, 2005

I should let everyone in on a little secret...

I have a secret blog. I've been writing it for the past six months.

Now, blogger's who keep "secret blogs" have various reasons, but none like mine. "Secret blogs" are often confessionals detailing parts of the bloggers life that they don't want anyone to see, or know who's writing those thoughts, but still wants to get the thoughts into cyberspace. Indeed, many of the "secret blogs" are about sex, or at the very least crushes. Others might be behind the scenes accounts of their work place... a sort of place to rant and/or gossip. The reasons go on and on...

But my secret blog could best be described as a crime fighting blog using a secret identity. My crime fighting blog has a central villain who is revealed to be more and more corrupt every day. But in spite of my secret identity, he was eventually able to reveal my name...

With that in mind, I believe its time to pull back the curtain. Coming into this blog so late in the game may require a recap, which I should post over the next few days.

In the meantime, if anyone wants a direct link to the secret blog in advance, just email me at unsomnambulist at gmail dot com.