Monday, April 17, 2006

Video camera + pooper scooper = ???

Gene Garcia, another Group 101er from my team just made and posted this fun MasterCard spec commercial.
If you're a sucker for puppies in video like I am, you'll enjoy.

Also, our group mentor, Nick Towle, recently invited me to help out on a reshoot for a short he made (actually, he invited my camera and I just tagged along). Some pics from the set
can be viewed here... interesting to note that the reason some of shots look great is due to the amount of smoke (from a fog machine) that was used on set to give a natural filter to diffuse both the light and the camera lense...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dear Richard Laymon fans...

A little over a year ago I adapted and shot a short film based on the Laymon short story "The Worshipper". This was actually supposed to be the first of three Laymon shorts I wanted to adapt for my director's reel, and I chose "The Worshipper" mainly because I knew I could shoot it with little or no budget (actually this was secondary - I really liked the story, too).

While I still have the footage, I've been struggling over the edit for the past year. As with most no budget films, sometimes crucial directorial errors are made - this short being no exception. Alas, trying to find a way to edit around some errors while still turning out a quality product befitting of the Laymon audience is a challenge.

I hope to have this finished in the next few months, and promise to let the Laymon fan sites have an exclusive first look.

In the meantime, I'll use this opportunity to push a couple of my other short films:

Asstoids (right click and "save as")- A commercial for a helpful new product. Just what are Asstoids? "They're for your ass."

Magic Wand - Find out what happens when a guy tries out a home pregnany test.

Choke - For anyone curious about Ouija boards, this is required viewing.