Thursday, January 27, 2005

A few comments on the Iraqi elections

There's lots that I want to write about and need to catch up on, but work has been slamming my ass. Still, since its coming up, and I hate people who Monday morning quarterback their views on politics, I wanted to express my feelings on the impending Iraqi elections...

I hate George W Bush (or, more specifically, I hate the Presidency of George W Bush), and I believe he effectively lied to the American public to gain support for the war... but I back him 100% on his resistance to postpone the date of the elections in Iraq.

Part of my problem with the Bush plan for Iraq is that you can't impose democracy on anyone. It misses the point. But to cancel these planned elections, however incredibly flawed and inaccurate they may be, would be a complete victory for the insurgents and terrorists trying to influence voter turnout. The more frequent the violence become as we approach Iraq's election day, the more important it is that we stick to the date.

No matter what, the Iraqi elections will be considered illegitimate. But as we long as there is a demonstration of what democracy is we're much closer to turning Iraq into a free country than at any other point in a generation. Even if we pull our troops out the day after there will be millions of Iraqis who understand what an election with choices is.

Whether this was worth the price in American blood and worldwide anger is another issue.