Monday, January 10, 2005

Love from the Blogosphere

Wow. Comments from Shabooty, Anti, Kalipornia, Tony, and even my own Dad (pictured) in response to my latest video "test" project.

Due largely to being linked on Anti's blog, an rare honor, indeed, I've received a near record number of hits on this site in the last 24 hours. Even Shabooty tipped his hat my way by reposting my "A couple more lists" post from below.

And, best of all, Benzo emailed me with this:

i am coming to l.a. in about two weeks on the 22nd. my friend, dana, is throwing me a kind of "welcome to l.a." shindig, and she wanted me to invite my homies. so i thought to myself, "self, who totally cool enough to come to your party?" and then it hit me. david. mr. unsomnabulist. *he* is cool enough for my party. so, yeah, you and your girlfriend are totally invited if you'd like to come. all of my friends, including previously mentioned dana, are in their mid-late twenties, so it's not like some teenage college kegger thing we're talking about here. although, that does sound kind of fun. mm. beer.

All for now. The new job gives me a new excuse to blog less frequently - then again, working means tasks to procrastinate, which is usually when I blog...