Sunday, January 23, 2005

Frank Black motherlode!

A couple news bits on my favorite all time rock star, Frank Black!

1. Frank Black as the Zodiac killer

Just saw this blurb here on Dark Horizons.

Zodiac: Frank Black (of The Pixies) is rumoured to be in talks for the role of the Zodiac killer.

"Zodiac" was recently announced as being the next project from David Fincher ("Seven", "Panic Room", "Fight Club")

I'm sure everyone here remembers that David Fincher used the Pixies "Where Is My Mind?" to great effect for the "Fight Club" trailer... so I think this rumor has some level of credibility.

Per Harry Knowles of Aint It Cool News:

The film will be based upon Robert Graysmith's two books entitled ZODIAC and ZODIAC UNMASKED...

Now - you may remember that Zodiac hunted his prey in San Francisco for going on a quarter of a century. Without a doubt - the killer in the first DIRTY HARRY was a nod to Zodiac, simply by referring to him as Scorpio. Now the adaptation from the Graysmith novels will be handled by James Vanderbilt, who was the screenwriter on DARKNESS FALLS, BASIC and THE RUNDOWN...

2. Pixies on Letterman Monday night

This is a rerun of their appearance from last month, so not exactly breaking news... except for those of us who missed it the first time.