Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Catholic priest defends Marilyn Manson

Irish Examiner >Catholic priest defends Marilyn Manson

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I've been secretly researching material for my own, supernatural and occult themed podcast, and ran across this bit of news:

Priest Anton Bobas, who claims the best concert he ever attended was seeing Manson live in Germany three years ago, says: "How could Manson turn young people into Satanists and drug addicts in the two hours of his act?"

Bobas, who sings a heavy-metal band of his own called Glasnici Nade (Messengers of Hope), says most of Manson's critics have never heard his songs or even seen him perform.

I'm not the biggest fan of Manson's music, but artistically the man is a genius in the creep out category. And while I agree that a two hour concert isn't going to turn any kid into a Satanist, I wonder if the priest also saw Manson wearing a strap on, and having his band members and fans suck on it, which is what I saw when he opened for Nine Inch Nails years ago? Regardless, Rockin' Priest Bobas is right when he says that most of Manson's critics have based their opinions based only on what they've heard of Manson... but I doubt that doing so would change their mind.