Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Los Angeles mystery or hoax?

NBC 4 - News - Music Producer Disappears After Bizarre Phone Call

Something about this doesn't seem right.

In abstract: Record producer disappears after calling a friend saying he was being chased behind his Topanga Canyon house. Police say he lost his glasses and shoes in a nearby creek. He recently received a $50,000 check from a shady Nigerian internet offering, got nervous and returned the money.

While its possible he lost his shoes in mud - sucked off, as many people have experienced as kids - it seems much more convenient to lose a trail by dogs, and footprints, if he were to take his shoes off and drop them, head down stream for a while, then put on new shoes and walk off.

And as pointed out by Laurie at LA.comfidential, "How the heck did he get through to anyone on a cell in Topanga Canyon? That man's not a producer, he's a magician."