Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hey look ma - ads!

Yep. Offline Adventures is selling out.

As you can see to my left is the first ad I've agreed to posting on this site... in exchange for... a copy of the book!

Yep, I'm cheap.

Actually, what sold me was being contacted by the writer of The Underdog directly along with the content of the book, which appropriately deserves a mention on a site called Offline Adventures.

According to Joshua Davis, "I just wrote a book about how I spent the past two years of my life sumo wrestling, bullfighting, and competitively running backwards. Random House is publishing it and it's given me an opportunity to shine a brighter light on sports that don't get a lot of attention but really should. I'm hoping that it will inspire people to get more involved and your website made me think that maybe you'd be open to helping me spread the message about the book."

While I'm sure he sent this same email out to scores of other fine websites like mine, when I expressed interest he replied in kind that he loved my Worf pics. So, not only do I get a free book that I'd consider buying anyway, I received some flattery.

The site for the book is pretty funny on its own, with listings of all sorts of crazy competitions and activities, from bog snorkeling to pumpkin hurling. Why Josh Davis doesn't have a blog of his own yet amazes me.