Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Group 101 Films... year two begins!

Once again, I have joined Group 101 Films. Some people think its crazy to do once, let alone twice. But I've missed it terribly ever since the last wave ended six months ago. It really is my AA to combat procrastination.

In short, joining Group 101 means you're paired with ten or so other filmmakers from your neighborhood, who you meet once a month for six months to show off a short film you've made in the course of the 30 days prior to each meeting. Six months, six shorts. Obviously, the intent here is quantity over quality, but the group mantra is "get off your ass" - Group 101 offer nothing in the way of cameras, equipment, or financing... just a framework in order to motivate you to make something.

This time around my goal is actually to create some quality, narrative driven shorts. I sorta cheated the last time around and made projects that were usually done without a script or more than one actor... I wasn't challenging myself besides learning how to edit. And I definitely wasn't creating stuff that I wanted to show off beyond the Group.

The theme we were given for our first film is "sweat". I never followed the "themes" before, but fortunately, I've had an idea that might fit. Its a concept that I first had almost a decade ago, and I don't know if it remains funny now... so, I'll pitch it here and if it sucks, lemme know:

Its a trailer for Speed 3. Originally, I pictured this being an SNL spoof with Adam Sandler playing Keanu Reeves, and Chris Farley playing, essentially, Sandra Bullock (if thats any idea how old this idea is). The setup is this: a UPS man (the Farley role), is delivering packages when he's confronted by Keanu Reeves, who tells him that the very package that he's about deliver is rigged with a bomb... that will detonate if the UPS guy walks slower than 2.8 miles per hour. Suddenly, every curb, every pedestrian, and every crosswalk becomes a potential catastrophe. Walking in circles stops being an option after he becomes dizzy and nearly pukes. Keanu in the meantime is using rollerblades, skateboards, and wheelchairs to try and keep moving with the UPS guy and detonate the bomb. Lots of quick cuts, snazzy camera work, bad one liners, Hollywood in jokes, and a taught score. Of course, it won't be Sandler or Farley (bastard won't return my calls)... but I'm condident I could find a couple locals summer stock types somewhere in Los Angeles.

Anyway, I have to shoot and edit something within the next four weeks, so if you think that idea blows and have a script or story that can be done on a zero budget, lemme know.