Monday, August 15, 2005

My final entry for the Worf contest... I swear...

The Nickerblog announced that today is the last day to get submissions in for the Worf Photoshop/Coverband contest. Alas, ever the late night procrastinator, I had the need to whip one more out... The Worf Stripes. I've put my modification alongside the actual album cover for the newest White Stripes album, Get Behind Me Satan.

I'm most proud of my inclusion of the female half Klingon/half human replacing Meg White. I think it looks pretty real, although this had more to do with luck than actual "photoshopping skills".

There are some awesome and very funny entries up at the gallery, and its also a good excuse to check out some of Shane Nickerson's writing. Indeed, I'm partly sucking up because he's returned me to his blogroll, but mostly because this PhotoShop contest has provided me with more amusement than almost any other summer activity... tis sad, I know.