Thursday, July 29, 2004

Films on Tap

Shane Cowan and Bob Sherer in Last night's inaugural "Films on Tap" was a decent success. I don't think I mentioned it here before, but Jeff Bacon called me up about a month ago to see if I'd like to put together a film night at Harry O's in Manhattan Beach, with the main intention of screening his directorial debut, "Birth of a Salesman", that I also produced. So, I called a few friends who I knew had other cool short films, and everyone said they would love to be a part of it.

Films included Tami Talebi and Daniel Roger's "Clippers", about people obsessed with clipping other people's nails, sometimes to the bloody quick... Jay Holben's "Descent", about a woman trapped in an elevator with a creepy killer... "Birth of a Salesman", the best movie ever made... and "The Second Comeback", Jamie Neese's film where Jesus Christ gets an agent and becomes "bigger than the Beatles".
The crowd wasn't as big as I would have liked, but almost everyone there was riveted from start to finish, even through the 30 minute opus "Birth". My girl Claire was upset that I didn't allow for a bathroom and cigarette break, which may have been nice considering I was urging everyone to drink to support the bar. Maybe next time.

The best part was watching these films I'm so familiar with, especially "Birth", and observing the crowd reactions, the laughs at lines that I'd forgotten were funny, the gasps at shocking moments I had grown to expect, and, of course, the general applause after different bits at the end credits.

To top it off, I was paid a visit by one of my favorite bloggers, Anti who brought along Big Tanky, a subject of many of his posts, along with his friend, and new blogger known as... He Who Can Not Be Named (Voldemort? Beetlejuice?). This is the first time I'd met a blogger offline, and it was a bit surreal... sort of like meeting a favorite author. Big TankyBut considering the intimacy and life drama reflected in the blogs, it was more like meeting a favorite book or movie character in real life. And Anti, who's adventures read like Cheech & Chong most of the time, is larger than life. Unfortunately, the bastard hasn't written about our meeting on his blog yet, I guess evidence of where I stand in the world of bloggerdom... with my five loyal readers vs. his thousands.