Sunday, July 18, 2004

Full bag.

Crap quality, I know.I'm a little pissed off, because somehow in the past couple of weeks I unwittingly set my camera phone to take "low res" pics, as if normal camera phone pics weren't low res shots to begin with. As a result, all I can show you of the ESPN Espy's red carpet are these teeny, useless shots.

So, yeah, I returned to Los Angeles Monday night and exchanged gifts with my girl Claire, whose birthday was five days before mine. I also got to open stuff that was sent in from family. There's nothing better than returning from a trip to find a bunch of FUN mail piled up, cards with checks inside, and assorted gifts. My older sister Patty bought me an awesome Halloween CD, which is perfect since I've just started putting together my Halloween music compilation for this year.

Worked on the Espy's Tuesday and Wednesday, my third time on the show, and I love it. I work for a couple days, and somehow get a nice title for doing very little work. Its another irony in my life that I have to accept, that my favorite employer (ESPN) covers one of my least favorite activities (sports) - sort of how I hate watching TV events and award shows, but love working on them, while I love movies, but hated my jobs working in film (although being an office p.a. and assistant to producer are hateful gigs to begin with).

There isn't really a lot of juicy stuff to go into detail on - red carpets are as routine as you can get. My job as "event production manager" is simply to make sure it runs smooth from a spectator's perspective, give the announcers some direction if needed, adjust the dj's sound level if called for, and occasionally make sure the non-celebrity guests don't stop and gawk at the celebs on the carpet.

Now I've been given the even cooler title of "producer" for the X Games X Fest, the interactive part of the tenth annual X Games. I'll likely go into more detail of the different aspects of my gig as the event approaches, but in general I'm there to make sure the festival is free of kinks and is as optimized as possible.

And to add to to the mix, Jeff Bacon and I are putting together a film night at Harry O's bar in Redondo Beach on Wednesday, July 28, mostly as an excuse to show our 30 minute opus "Birth of a Salesman." We'll also be screening some of our close friend's films. More details on this as stuff is confirmed.