Monday, December 19, 2005

2005 Offline Adventures Blog Awards This Week!

I know this is late notice, but in a little experiment to see how much original and return traffic I can drive to this blog I present a week long series of dubious honors!

As you know, I already spontaneously awarded Simpleton "Offline Adventure's Best Blogger of 2005", but there are a number of other blogs that deserve some recognition, and, as you'll figure out soon enough, I'm simply looking for a reason to post some pictures of boobies. Apologies to any underage readers, or at least their parents.

It may be safe to say that most of these awards will be given out to bloggers already in my blogroll (at left), but some surprises await. And feel free to send me suggestions - I'm not entirely decided on all the winners, and my vote can be bought. I'm cheap.

So, with no further ado, the categories are:

Blogger I Dreamt Most About This Year (scandalous confession awaits!)
Blogger Who Most Inspired Me To Write (before procrastination set in)

Sexiest Blogger
Best Los Angeles Themed Blog

Hottest "Buzznetter"
Best Blog Post of 2005

Blogger I'd Most Like to See Naked
(for the ladies) Fantasy Full Monty Male Bloggers Line Up (nominations now being accepted)

On a sidenote, big thanks to some recent commenters who've stopped by with a kind word: Dan at Gone Mild, who I think is the only person that liked my short "Magic Wand"... Paul from the CCC who was trying to outwit Thai Transvestites... now-celebrity blogger Peggy Archer who was also intrigued by the trannies... scandalous Susan Natalie who confessed here that she's a coffee snob, but confessed elsewhere that she failed at a career in porn... and the infamous RadioHumper, who's equally a fan of the amazing Simpleton...