Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Blogger I Dreamt Most About This Year (Offline Adventures 2005 Awards)

Sometime last year I posted about having a naughty dream involving recently engaged blogger Bunny McIntosh. It was a one night stand - I've never dreamed about her again. Which is highly unfortunate, for me anyway.

Anyway, this award would probably be better titled "Blogger I Had the Naughtiest Dream About", but I don't want to creep out the recipient. Since she appeared in more than one dream of mine, I custom fit the title. I should also add that she's welcome in my dreams anytime.

The night I had my scandalous encounter with her was after reading a blog posting (another candidate for best blog post of 2005) detailing her first kiss. That, combined with some pics of her, gave me one of the sexiest dreams I'd had in a while. Of course, I never told my girlfriend about this, and fortunately she never reads this blog (so don't tell), so I can reveal this here.

The details at this point are sketchy, but feel free to make stuff up on your own. It involved being on a couch at a party, and leading elsewhere with less clothes. And yes, lots of making out...

The TonyP for Blogger I Dreamt Most About This Year/Blogger I Had the Naughtiest Dream About goes to Blood and Guts blogger Helena Lazaro, who continues to so aptly spill her blood and guts of breakups, lost loves, and fantasies to a captivated readership. I even think her mom reads the blog, poor lady. I may read the blogs from lots of gorgeous girls, but for some reason Helena is the only one to have crept in and seduced me in a dream. And for that alone she deserves mention. She's also a killer writer.

Oh, yeah... the blog posting was from her two parter called Johnny Rockstar (part one, part two)... but this post is also worth reading...

Coming the rest of this week...

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