Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Blogger Who Most Inspired Me To Write (Offline Adventures 2005 Awards)

Yep, I'm gonna hold off an extra hour or so before posting the salcious award for "Blogger I Dreamt Most About This Year". On the bright side, the winner of this category can be assured they didn't win this one.

I'd also like to give an accolade to the "Blogfather" himself, Tony Pierce, by giving the Offline Adventures Award a name, and that name is The TonyP ("the Tony" award is already taken but some other awards group).

Originally, I was going to make this a dual prize for both Shane Nickerson and AJ Gentile, who deserve many accolades in their own right, but not this one.

Shane continues to post well thought, interesting posts on a daily basis, often anecdotes from his youth and college years. The consisteny and quality is amazing. After he becomes a huge famous actor he should consider becoming a creative writing teacher. (ironically, as I post this Nickerson is on a montg long sabattical from blogging.)

"Newcomer" AJ Gentile reminds me of a more sarcastic, yet white collar version of Hunter S. Thompson - I'd compare him to Martin Mull but AJ a bit more colorful and interesting and, lets face it, nobody knows who Martin Mull is. AJ is also a candidate for "Best Post of 2005" which will be announced on Thursday.

So, in retrospect, if I was to make an award for Blogger Who I Most Aspired to Write Like, it would go to those two crazy kids.

The award I'm handing out right now more realistically should go to the Blogger who actually did inspire and cause me to write - although, in this case, it wasn't to write more blog posts, but more comments on someone elses blog...

The award for Blogger Who Most Inspired Me To Write this year goes to that tattoo crazy, right winger Reverse_Vampyr. "RV" is one of the few writers with an often conservative slant who I can actually listen to - his posted opinions aren't based on following the GOP/Fox News talking points. Instead, RV regularly posts an original approach and reasoning. RV also has a regular Wednesday post called the Midweek Peek, which is a shameless excuse to post a photo of one cleavage baring woman or another - and I love him for it. While RV denies subscribing to any party line, one glance at his blog will make it clear he has no love for "liberals" as a whole, which often results on my posting a scathing critique, and posting often. Reverse_Vampyr is worthy of spending the time to debate and respect. That's why he's received Offline Adventure's TonyP for Blogger Who Most Inspired Me To Write.