Friday, December 23, 2005

Best Blog Post of 2005(Offline Adventures 2005 Awards)

I'll admit that some of these awards were custom titled for the recipient (like Rex Adventure, below). But a couple challenged me a little, such as blogger who most inspired me to write.

The award I wished I'd never mentioned is this one, for Best Blog Post of 2005. A couple years ago, this would have easily gone to this post about a hot wing challenge written by MIA blogger Tyranny - but this year I've been more impressed with the writers as a whole than any particular post. Shane Nickerson's multi part series on That Time We Went to Florida was definitely a contender, and had there been an award for best multi-part he'd have won (except for being disqualified for never finishing the tale). Another multi-parter that almost made it was Jessica Stover's Episode III: Revenge of the Nerds, but as it reminds too much of the heartbreak I had watching the movie I had to relent. Simpleton is immediately disqualified, since I already awarded him Best Blogger... and I'd have a hard time picking between his many posts to choose the best one (this recent post, for example).

In short, this is a difficult award to give out. What makes it even more challenging is having to think back over a whole year of posts, and trying to think of which one stood out the most.

Alas, I have to cheat on two fronts. To begin with, this award is being split between two people. The second cheat is that one of the posts used no words at all.

So, here we go....

One TonyP for Best Blog Post of 2005 goes to AJ Gentile for proving that even a day at the DMV can be fun, if only you try:

I Am the Top Nerd At the DMV is a blog post, like Tyranny's, that I found myself telling my friends to check out, and repeating aloud at parties as though I was explaining a great movie scene. AJ may have other posts which are funnier, but this one was somehow both accessible and useful; it should be mandatory reading for anyone dreading a trip to the DMV.

The second TonyP for Best Blog Post of 2005 also happens to be the best Video Blog of 2005, if not the Best Use of Video in a Blog of All Time. I'd make additional titular suggestions, but its far too annoying even for me.

Naiahdot's post "No Words" is a follow up to this one written a couple days prior:

In a fairly random semantic coincidence, both the er doc and my new doctor used the same idiom about the thyroid issue, in regard to the pain that I’ve been experiencing. Either, they think that the growth is actually a lump of fish stuck to my thyroid, or the pain issue and the thyroid/other neck lumps have nothing to do with each other. It’s the latter. I’m certain; you’ll see...

Click to watch the Best Vlog Post of 2005 by Naihdot.

final awards to be given out later of Friday:

Blogger I'd Most Like to See Naked
(for the ladies) Fantasy Full Monty Male Bloggers Line Up (nominations now being accepted)