Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Innocent Bystander Shot iin Westwood Village

Innocent Bystander Is Shot, Badly Wounded in Westwood Restaurant - Los Angeles Times

The Habibi restaurant where this took place is literally across the street from the Mann Village theatre, the greatest single screen theatre in the US. Before moving to Hollywood and the opening of the Arclight, Westwood was where I spent most of my time. Home to the UCLA campus, for years Westwood has straddled the misnomers of rich shopping village or ghost town full of upscale shops, rows of empty store fronts, and countless vagrants. While the shooting isn't a shock, its the last thing Westwood Village needs.

As LA Observed points out, "It happened one block north of where student Karen Toshima was killed by gang crossfire in 1988, beginning the end of Westwood as L.A.'s hot spot for movie openings and weekend crowds."