Sunday, October 24, 2004

Busblog Birthday

My weekend began on a very unscary note as I crashed Tony Pierce's birthday party.

Very cool to meet my favorite blogger - I'm sure similar in some ways to meeting a favorite author. But, Mr. Pierce is too down to earth and humble to make anyone feel less than comfortable in his presence. I was able to meet Karisa and some of the other "characters" in his blog, and all I can say is that his motto "nothing in here is true" is, quite simply, false.

One wall of his pad is lined with "XBI Helicopter Pilot of the Month" certificates, a framed tennis racket with matching panties signed, "To Tony, With All My Love, Anna", and photos from his wedding with Moxie. The girl to guy ratio at his party was extraordinarily high, and anyone who peeked into his bathroom would have easily mistaken his bed with Prince's, with lit candles all over the place and three (count them, THREE) gorgeous lesbians making out on his double wide king sized bed. I have a girlfriend, so I couldn't pay attention to such things, so instead I chatted with John Woo about "The Goonies", Karisa about the Red Sox, Karisa's boyfriend about "How To Vote", and with everyone else about how fine Tony is (it was his birthday, and I just met the guy, so how was I to argue?).

Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging...

Someone named The Mighty Yog says to watch "How To Vote"...wanna read something really scary? Try a blog written from the inside of a prison by the Corrections Officer Mom... and while I'm trying to keep my political comments to a minimum here, I'm still contributing to the Edge of Allegiance blog.