Saturday, October 16, 2004

Ghouls on Film

My older sister Patty Jo writes: you know anything about "orbs" in pictures? 'cause, as you know, living in this OLD house, I have one room in particular that often has an "orb-fest" LOL. Bring that Ouija board to CT and see if you can drum up some of those orbs and make them dance. I will take pics, you can do the creepy part and talk to a cardboard game board. Heck, maybe Mom will spring out one of her "OOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEOOOOO's" and make us wet our pants!

As a matter of fact, I know a little about orbs. But, as with all things supernatural, I'm a total skeptic, which most people wouldn't believe if they saw the number of books on ghosts and the occult that I own.

Orbs are the glob like things that you see on photos as the result of dust reflecting from the flash or lens imperfections. Some people like to think that orbs are disembodied "spirits". Regardless of what you believe, they are mostly found in photos taken using flashes, and usually by low grade cameras.

You can read more about orbs at the Shadowlands website. They also have a fun page dedicated to orbs and other "spirit photography", so you can decide for yourself - ironically, perhaps, they even have a page of "fake" ghost photos, so they must know what they're talking about.

Incidentally, the photos I've included here are the first ghost photos I ever saw, and are what first started my infatuation, and eventual skepticism, in the subject. At the very top is the Greenwich Ghost, supposedly the ghost of a monk walking up some stairs, and the second photo is of the infamous Brown Lady. Nonetheless, both photos still give me slight case of the shivers... so maybe I'm not a complete disbeliever.

Shortly before my mom died, while she was in hospice, I asked her to please make a point and come back as a ghost and creep me out sometime. So far, I've had a couple nightmares where this has happened... but nothing in my waking life. Maybe this is for the better. After all, if there's nothing better to do in the afterlife than to scare the crap out of your family, maybe there isn't much to look forward to.

Then again... I think that maybe I saw a ghost or two in my life... more on this in the next post.

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