Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Costume Ideas!

Because I'm uninspired to write anything tonite, here's my top four suggestions for Halloween costumes:

Sparky, the Abu Ghraib prisoner! (thanks to Sierra Whiskey for the suggestion)

Spong Monkeys... perfect especially if you're heading to a Halloween party where karaoke madness is happening(they have a pepper bar...)

Lyndie England!
Lyndie England... the perfect date for Sparky, or for any girl who wants to be a dominatrix but doesn't want to spend the money on a leather outfit.

And my personal favorite:
The Dermatophyte! Great excuse for guys who want to get on the floor and peel back toenails.

...A Small Victory has also been spending the season with Halloween topics - heres a good one about telling ghost stories... read the Grave Sights Hearse Club's History of the Hearse... This week The Midnight Mailman Show is all about fun, learning, and raising the dead...