Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Sixth Sense

I don't believe in ghosts. But I wish I did. I TRY to believe in ghosts. Every once in a while, when I hear someone telling their own story of ghost sightings, I'll get that chill across my neck. And, on even rarer occasions, I'll have trouble sleeping without making sure every door is locked, every closet empty... and even then jump into bed so nothing grabs my ankles from underneath...

So, maybe there's hope.

I did have one potential sighting, way back when I was eight or nine. I only say "potential" because I don't believe in such things.

I was at my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Stanley's house in Maumee, OH. I was staying over, sharing my cousin Steven's bed. His two sisters, Mary and Jenny, shared a room just up the haul, right across from their parents room. I was a scaredy-pants and wanted to keep the hallway light on and the bedroom door ajar, while everyone else had their doors shut.

I have no idea what time it was, but after everyone had fallen asleep, I awoke to pee. For a second I thought someone else must have still been up, because I saw the shadow of, well, somebody in our room coming from the hall. I called for it...

"Jenny?" No answer.

"Mary?" No answer.

"Uncle Stan? Aunt Peggy?" Nope. No answer.

Then, I watched the shadow walk along the bedroom wall, as if it was coming deeper into the room before disappearing... I was frozen stiff. I waited, and hoped, to hear a bedroom door open and shut... but heard nothing. For a while I waited and stared, scared to death, forgetting that I'd needed to pee.

Finally, I slowly got up and looked down the hall, hoping to see another door ajar - something to explain that whatever I saw was a resident of the house. But... no. Every door was shut. I ran back into bed and his my head under the covers.

Maybe not the creepiest ghost sighting ever, but its the one I remember vividly.

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