Wednesday, October 06, 2004

More successful than "Gigli"!

Within 24 hours, "How To Vote" has been viewed online over 200 times. Considering that this is day one in an internet word of mouth campaign, I think that's pretty awesome.

Feedback has been great. Tony Pierce posted a permalink on the left side of his blog, and also gave it a mention on his front page. From there, additional bloggers have mentioned it, including "Bring the Beef", "Nothing to Say", "Sutter Satchel", and "Nickerblog".

Comments left around have been largely flattering.

Well, mostly. Leave it to my own family to crash the party.

Writes my Uncle Skip from Toledo, OH:

David, I love your artwork and the production quality but if you have to eliminate anything, I would start with the left wing liberal tripe that everyone hears in the mainstream media and from "hollywood activist" who ought to stick to making movies and stay the hell out of politics. Focus on "all Americans need to vote" and not who they should vote for. All of this is applicable unless your instructor is some whacko left winger (which I imagine he/she is) who will fail you if you disagree with his political perspective. If so then "suck up" to get the grade. You see, I am a whore also. (YOU REALLY NEED TO MOVE BACK TO THE MIDWEST IF THIS IS WHAT YOU REALLY BELIEVE)

In response, I have to point out that I don't have an instructor, and that, yes, I believe every word that Tony wrote that I included in the final cut. Besides, I don't think that the video ever suggests who to vote for, except that it should be somebody who pays attention to your individual needs - which I think is an incredibly Republican sentiment (I vote based on who I think will be best for the nation as a whole). Tony's writing also includes some contradictions, I believe, that pretty much dismiss it from being a whole heartedly liberal tract. And, Uncle Skip, since this is what I believe in, perhaps you're right that maybe I need to move back to the Midwest to shake things up. At the very least, I plan on coming home for Thanksgiving. Food fight? (when Kerry wins next month, I should expect one)

As for "Hollywood Activists" who ought to stick to making movies and stay the hell out of politics, I've always found it ironic that I only hear about these people when they appear on Fox News, who gives these "Hollywood Activists" more coverage and exposure than anyone, and that the same Republicans who complain about "Hollywood Activists" also bow down to Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hmmm... flip floppers?