Monday, October 18, 2004

Trick or Treating

For my one or two Los Angeles readers, I wanted to offer some ideas on places to go, besides Knott's Halloween Haunt, to celebrate Halloween...

The Hallowed Haunting Grounds is an annual haunted house (this is the 32nd "manisfestation") a Studio City man puts together on his own front lawn. Go to his site, check out his image gallery, and you'll see why this place already creeps me out... Thursday, Oct. 28th thru Sunday, Oct. 31 starting at 7pm.

Hollywood Hellhouse at 4774 Hollywood Blvd, is a straight adaptation of the Christian hellhouses put on through the bible-belt and beyond that feature the REAL horrors of modern life, including homosexuality, promiscuity, and abortion. I want to go wearing my shirt depicting Satan holding the bible with the caption: "Read any good books lately?"

I've heard about Spooky House in Woodland Hills for a few years, and the reviews have also been that its much scarier, albeit smaller, than Knotts Scary Farm Halloween Haunt. Spooky House features three themed "mazes" this year, The Realm of Lost Souls that they claim is the largest haunt in California, an evil hotel known as Dead & Breakfast, and the zombie infested Blood, Bath & Beyond - the title alone is reason enough to go.

The Movieland Murder and Mayhem Tour: Hollywood Roosevelt Edition originally caught my edition because it was called a "walking tour", and the Roosevelt, a classic hotel two blocks from my apartment, used to be a frequent place Claire and I would sneak into to use the pool... until the closed the pool for renovation at the beginning of this summer. Anyway, the whole show is an improv/comedy thing being held at bang Improv on Fairfax. Still, a ghost themed show, based on one of my own favorite haunts, sounds like a lot of fun. Saturday at 8pm in October.

And most importantly, since I'm a featured segment of it...

The Scary Election Show, a mix of Halloween and political madness just in time for the election, will feature "How To Vote" which they call "The most kick ass PSA you will have ever seen!" At the Empty Stage Theatre, Thursday Oct. 28th, 9pm, $10 admission.

...For those of you who just can't get enough, I've also posted the original, rough cut of "How To Vote" ... Roborants and My Single Mom Life loved "How To Vote" enough to urge people to watch it... and Simply Saidy gets extra special attention because every visitor to her site is forced to watch "How To Vote".