Thursday, December 30, 2004

After some deep thought...

Consisting of reading more into the issue, and waiting a little longer before issuing a kneejerk reaction, I have to recant my earlier agreement that the United States initial offer of aid was "stingy".
Common sense should have dictated that the $15 million dollars I initially read about could be all that we were about to offer. According to Colin Powell, the final amount of disaster aid is in the ballpark of ten times that amount.
That said, even at $150 million dollars, I'd still stand by the stingy statement. Heck, thats the budget for some major motion pictures.

But, forgive my arrogance, what else are we to think? Until today, the President has been busy clearing brush, riding a bike, and possibly rereading "The Pet Goat". As much as I detest Bush, he's still the leader of the free world, he's still, begrudgingly, our President. And as such, it is far from unreasonable to expect him to IMMEDIATELY, upon hearing of such disaster, to speak up - I don't think people need a whole outline. A simple "We'll do everything we can to help" would have been nice.

After 9/11, other countries were offering sympathies within hours. In return, Bush took over 72. And before he even did this, he unleashed his press secretary to basically say Bush wasn't issuing such a statement because he didn't want to be like Bill Clinton.

Indeed, I hope his actions do speak louder than words. I hope that when we reflect how this disaster, perhaps one of the greatest in human history, was handled by the United States, that we know it was the best we could do. I hope we don't measure it based on how other countries reacted. I hope that we're handling aid efforts with the same urgency, and with the expected samel efforts, of an impending terrorist attack.

Anything less is, indeed, stingy.