Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Cool Bloggers Christmas Exchange - Part One

Yeah, its a shameless way to pander for reciprocal links, but if there's anything I've learned from blogging is that shameless is always the way to go.

Feel free to join in.

Here's part one of what I'm asking Santa to send my favorite bloggers.

In no particular order:

Please send Anti a large broken wall clock, with the big hand on four and the little hand on twenty. Like most of apartment dwellers, he has no chimney, but if you call ahead he'll gladly put out his six foot bong for you to slide down.

Simpleton needs to appear on Price Is Right and win a trip to Hawaii where he'll end up finding his calling renting mopeds, rollerblades, and surfboards by day, and performing as the opening act for Don Ho every night.

Katzinjammer needs a full pardon from the great state of Georgia, a clean driving record, and a collection of Henry Miller books to remind him that on some guys, the receding hairline can get the babes.

Now that some feeling has returned to Lorenzo Benzo's left arm, she needs a second keyboard so she can post twice as much (meaning once every four weeks, instead of every eight). And if she must be constrained to a wheel chair much longer, make sure she gets one of these - actually, send it to her anyway, cause it'll make a bad ass dolly when she starts making movies.

Ridor should get a Colin Farrell blow up doll. For shits and giggles, also include a George W. Bush blow up doll. It'll balance out his testosterone.

If you can get Natalie Wood a house, I'm sure you can also get Tony Pierce some property for him to build Senior Vista's in Isla Vista.

BankofKev needs more liberals to visit and comment on his site, especially fans of Kurt Cobain and any leftover Deaniacs.

The Midnight Mailman needs a gift certificate from Crime Scene Clean Up to keep the set immaculate, and more importantly, to give it that rubbing alcohol smell.

If you think I've forgotten you, don't worry: I'll be adding more later today, maybe tomorrow. You're just hard to shop for. Oh, and one last note: no regifting.